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Navrina Singh is Director Product Management and is the head of Qualcomm ImpaQt – Qualcomm’s global innovation program. A leader in the field of mobile technologies for more than 12 years and a key architect of Qualcomm’s global innovation program vision, Singh spearheads ImpaQt to discover, develop and commercialize mobile technology breakthroughs. Qualcomm ImpaQt’s external charter focuses to engage with early stage companies and the innovation community ensuring that Qualcomm develops deeper insights into disruptive markets/business opportunities and seeds Qualcomm’s cutting edge technology with new market entrants. Singh is also responsible for creating, managing and operationalizing the corporate-wide technology innovation incubator-ImpaQt- launched in 2012. ImpaQt serves as a catalyst for creating global connections for innovative ideas to flourish and develop to impact future technology, product roadmaps and patent portfolio for Qualcomm through employee ideas. Singh partners with technology and business leaders within and outside Qualcomm to ensure the corporation is focused on the right forward-looking challenges and their intersections with emerging technologies to create compelling solutions. In this role, Singh has led product development and R&D initiatives in diverse technology areas including advanced biometric security and authentication, machine intelligence, computer vision, novel hardware architectures etc. applied to various markets like mobile, robotics, Wearables, Internet of Things (smart transportation and infrastructure). Singh also led the charter for Qualcomm@EvoNexus the business incubator of CommNexus™, a leading non-profit high-tech trade organization based in San Diego from 2013-2014. In this role, Singh’s strategic leadership and technical expertise was leveraged to stimulate the growth of new high technology companies in San Diego region through Qualcomm investments. Singh is also driving robotics SIG group at CommNexus San Diego, focused on a powerful vision of making San Diego the world’s capital for future breakthroughs. Singh is an avid supporter and advisor of startup incubators, volunteering in business plan competitions, hackathons and educational workshops related to technology evangelization and business practices. Singh joined Qualcomm in 2004 as a hardware engineer in the Corporate Research and Development. In that role she was involved in the design, development and verification of cutting edge mobile technologies including cell site modems , small cells & building the next generation of peer-to-peer communication ultra wide band technologies. Following that Singh was a business development and competitive intelligence leader responsible for exploring new market segments and developing strategic relationships for Qualcomm for use in Smart grids, healthcare and automotive. Singh is also the founder of QWISE (Qualcomm Women in Science and Engineering), an organization focused on professional and personal development of women in technology at Qualcomm and in the community. Singh was the founding president and under her leadership QWISE grew to over 1000 members worldwide in over ten years. Singh is an esteemed industry leader whose vision and passion in STEM fields, has resulted in multiple new initiatives at Qualcomm and community. She is also the lead for the Qualcomm FIRST robotics partnership, focused on building a strong future generation of leaders in STEM. Singh holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Masters in Business Administration from Ursula Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California. In 2015, Singh was named the “San Diego’s Top Influentials” recognizing her work in technology innovation and strategy, building and promoting a strong startup ecosystem and inspiring leadership to STEM initiatives in San Diego. She was also honored by Athena San Diego with a Pinnacle Award as San Diego’s leading woman in technology. In 2014, she was named among the “Top 5 women of influence in Southern California” and was nominated as the emerging leader to represent Qualcomm at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen summit. Singh also won the “Ursula Burns Diversity award” in 2013, in recognition of her contributions to visionary and insightful leadership to diversity initiatives in Qualcomm and in the community.