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Abel Gutierrez is a 12 year veteran in the field of basic science with a focus in multiple high profile labs spanning from the academic to the biotech sector, as well as multiple startup companies in the greater San Diego area. Abel received his Bachelor’s in General Biology from the University of California, San Diego. He is a founder of the UCSD Chapter of the Latino-based Fraternity, Nu Alpha Kappa (NAK) and a founder and board member of the UCSD NAK Alumni Association. Through this organization, Abel has developed and empowered the underrepresented youth locally as well as through the national organization with the creation of many philanthropic initiatives, leadership development, career and financial skillset development programs. Over the last 20 years these programs have exponentially impacted the community; so much so, that in 2015 the city of San Diego declared March 3 rd “Nu Alpha Kappa Day”. Abel is also a founder and managing partner of two investment firms: Triton Investment Group (TIG) and Triton Real Estate (TRE). Abel uses these for-profit vehicles to further teach entrepreneurial skills, the power of networking, and the wealth building process, specifically for the underrepresented men and women of the community. He currently manages a multi-million dollar sales territory in the Life Sciences field for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Abel makes the most of his days professionally and personally by also being his son’s little league coach for North City Youth Baseball.