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Dayamrita Chaitanya is the Executive Director of the MA Centers, a conglomeration of non-profit organizations focused on spreading Amma’s teachings on love and compassion in the west.  He manages the day-to-day activities for the MA Centers and is responsible for the activities in U.S., Canada and Latin America.  Dayamrita has given a number of talks at a variety of universities and he travels with Amma all over the world.
Dayamrita Swami was initially a documentary film maker when he met Amma in 1983. His initial intention was to expose her as a fake miracle healer. When Dayamrita Swami witnessed Amma licking the wounds of a leper, his life was completely transformed. He had never seen such compassion and love in another fellow human being. He then decided to dedicate his life to Amma and spend his life in her service. He had served during the Katrina and Haiti disasters, visiting and consoling the victims and conducting the relief activities of MA Centers.