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Rampyari Walia is the founder and CEO of a San Diego-based biotech company, Targeting Systems, started in May 1996 entirely with the help of an SBIR grant from the NIH. Her company focusses on the development of ultrasensitive bioluminescent reporter gene assays and assay reagents for drug discovery applications (high throughput screening). The company has also developed novel products for in vivo imaging applications and stem cell research. Prior to starting her company she was a faculty member in the Department of Cardiology at Vanderbilt University, and in the department of Medicine at UAB, Birmingham, Alabama. She has diverse interests and writes and paints as a hobby. Through her writing and paintings, she hopes to inspire and empower people to live more positively while fostering courage, appreciation and determination for all facets of life’s great journey. Her work includes a coffee table book of paintings entitled “Expressions of Reflections”, a book of memoirs –“Exciting Journeys-Unpredictable Destinations (in press) and an illustrated book of poems “Unforgettable Memories-Memorable Places”.