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Starla Lewis, CEO of C.E.L.L. consultancy firm, is a transformational speaker and life coach who has developed lectures and facilitated seminars in Cultural Diversity, Life Mastery and Women Empowerment, nationally and internationally. Starla Lewis has 40 years of research and experience in Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, African Studies, and Oral Communication have enhanced her ability to connect diverse communities. Starla works with corporations, organizations, and schools. She is a performer poet, author and illustrator of Sunkisses, a multicultural/multilingual coloring book for children and adults. Starla creates an "edu-taining" environment through her experiential lectures, workshops and seminars. In 2016 Starla will serve as curator for, “The History and the Hair Story: 400 Years Without a Comb” exhibition at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. Starla’s most recent women’s empowerment workshop series focuses on cultivating self-love, building positive relationships amongst women, overcoming racism and sexism and healing mother and daughter relationships. Starla is a two-time recipient of the “Bob Marley Peace” award, an inductee into the Women's Hall of Fame, and is one of KPBS’ Local Heroes. Starla is a seven-time recipient of the Mesa College “Teacher of the Year” award. Starla Lewis’ work affirms that all people are brilliant, powerful, limitless, love.