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At age 19, Travis Austin is what people would refer to as a “creator”, especially after his own motto “create stuff.”, from dwelling into the realms of Web Design, Graphic Design, Music Production, Animation, and much more.   After spending half of his childhood in South Africa, he has been given broader perspectives into what today’s world entails. He spent over 7 years through the Air Scouts of South Africa to attain his Springbok Badge (the equivalent to an American Eagle scout) while receiving additional Challenge Awards. While pursuing this, he was heavily involved with the Xenophobia outbreaks which affected hundreds of thousands of families in South Africa, assisted at these refugee camps, and decided to help organize with fellow Cubs, Scouts and Rovers to assist with their struggles.   On top of this, Travis was heavily involved with his High School, Westville Boys’ High School, and helped to assist with the managing of the school’s computer administration and server maintenance after hours, while training younger students on what computers are capable of, and the intricacies of how they work.   Above all, Travis fully understands the meaning of the word ‘Service’, and he plans to carry out his vision of it throughout his life while succeeding in as many areas as possible; whether it be artistic, futuristic or altruistic.