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The San Diego EDC – Economic Development Corporation spoke with Naila Chowdhury, director of social impact and innovation at UC San Diego, who has been leading the charge there in addressing critical issues affecting underrepresented communities in San Diego, as well as the rest of the world. Click here to read about UCSD’s compelling programs in Chowdhury’s commentary


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Alliance4Empowerment collaborates with UCSD’s Office of Social Impact and Innovation to support immigrant women from El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. The women have greatly increased their income by selling delicious food at UCSD Farmer’s Market once a week since March 2019.

UC San Diego Farmers’ Market gives female refugees a fresh start
A new university-community collaboration called “Source of Change” is helping female refugees to establish a small business at the UC San Diego Farmers’ Market. Many of the women have braved the journey from countries across South America, East Africa and Southeast Asia, sometimes enduring incredible hardships, including human trafficking. By offering these women a platform to establish and manage their own business, the university hopes to help them find a dignified, self-sustaining way of life. Read More »